Bluetooth Modules

Communication with your Megasquirt is normally done through serial or USB.  However, it’s also possible to do a connection through Bluetooth.  My modules come pre-programmed so you just connect the 4 pins and you’re good to go  (Vcc, GND, TX and RX).
The modules work with all regular Megasquirts and can be installed inside the case.  If you have one of my MS3 Pro boards however, you need a different module, contact me if you want one.

In the MS3 case, you can install the bluetooth module in the proto area and solder the pins on the top side.  Cut a notch out of the case for the antenna.


Connection is very simple:

  • remove the MAX232 chip
  • solder 4 wires to MAX232 location and connect them to the 4 pins of the module:
    • pin 16 of the MAX232 to VCC of the module
    • pin 15 to Gnd of the module
    • pin 12 to TX of the module
    • pin 11 to RX of the module

Now you can directly connect with Tunerstudio through Bluetooth.

Assembly instructions 


  • internal Bluetooth module pre-programmed: $24 + $4 shipment

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