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Bluetooth Module for Megasquirt / Speeduino

Installation Instructions for WIFI

Installation Instructions for BLUETOOTH

Use your laptop or even cellphone to tune your Megasquirt.  Things couldn’t be more easy.  No need for a USB cable that is always in the way ;).

This bluetooth module is designed to work with Megasquirt 1, 2 and 3 (including Microsquirt).

If you want a version that’s compatible with Megasquirt 1, you can buy this item, but let me know in the transaction that it is for Megasquirt 1 and I’ll change the programming.

You need to solder this module to your pcb, so keep that in mind when ordering.  Microsquirt is a bit more complex but doable with a steady hand (small solder points). This module fits inside the case, so there’s no need for an external box or wiring.

The module is programmed and ready to work out of the box.  There is a default name and pin configured, but if you want your own name and pin, just let me know when buying and I’ll change the programming free of charge.

Since you are soldering this module in yourself, I cannot be held responsible if you damage anything.  There will be no returns accepted.  Keep this in mind when ordering please.

Contact me if you would like to order.

Internal Bluetooth module pre-programmed: $15 + $8 shipment

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