To connect to Tunerstudio over Wifi, you can use the ESP8266-01 module.  These are very cheap but a simple how-to on how to make a transparant bridge with them is difficult to find.  Once you know how it’s done, it’s easy though.

It’s really very ease, you just load JeeLabs ESP-link firmware and you’re good to go.

I use a programmer to load new firmware.  The ESP8266 works with TTL level serial so you cannot connect it to the serial port of your computer.  You need a serial to TTL converter, or a USB to TTL converter.  I’mm using a USB converter as they’re very easy to use.  Plug them in a USB port of your pc and simply plug the ESP8266 into its socket.  Too bad these programmers don’t have buttons to Reset or Flash, so I added 2 buttons to make this to avoid soldering wires or having to use a breadboard.
I made this small adapter that sits between the programmer and the ESP module.  There’s 2 buttons on it to Reset / Flash it.

Once you have connected everything according to the schematic, loading new firmware is done this way:

  • press and hold the Reset button
  • press and hold the Flash button
  • release the Reset button
  • release the Flash button

That’s it, the ESP is now in Flash mode.

Loading new firmware is done using the ESPTool.


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